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Manage WordPress API from Integromat

API stands for Application Programming Interface which means that an API REST provides endpoints (URLs) and methods (GET, POST, UPDATE…) with which any piece of code can interact. To make it short, any application might connect to any Wordpress site to retrieve and/or pass information on to it.

For example, should you like to gain access to the list of existing posts from this No Code wordpress instance, you could easily place the following GET call :

Design your KYC approval flow with Integromat

We’ve already touched upon KYC within a previous post where we intended to share best practices to collect business critical information from your Customers.
But this is not enough as a proper KYC process must rely on a sharp validation flow to assess the quality of information your Customers upload. What if they would update wrong bank details or non-compliant ID?

Create a KYC process with Typeform and Integromat

When you create your first scenario, it might look pretty scary as nothing would show up on your screen. First thing first, name your scenario as you’ll quickly become addicted to process efficiency with Integromat.