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Secure data input into Salesforce / Hubspot CRM

We often believe that having set up a CRM such as Salesforce or Hubspot is the end of the journey. Unfortunately, many startups (or even scaleups) under estimate the complexity of entering qualitative information into their Salesforce / Hubspot CRM. How do you currently make sure that you provide clean and neat information which will eventually fall into your unique source of Customer truth? This is where No Code stands out of the crowd in order to offer powerful options to efficiently capture data from either Prospects, Customers or even our internal users at any time of their liefecycle.

Transfer data from Typeform to Google Sheet

There are hundreds of great tools when it comes to providing an interface to customers or internal users to collect information.
Typeform is one of them and we’ve decided to invest into this platform due to its high level of flexibility and their top notch integration with integromat.

Basic intro to Integromat scenario

When you create your first scenario, it might look pretty scary as nothing would show up on your screen. First thing first, name your scenario as you’ll quickly become addicted to process efficiency with Integromat.